Lately, my characters have been putting me to bed at night. While I’m sleeping they are bouncing around in my head all vying for attention. I dream their stories. I have a lot of imaginary friends and they talk incessantly.

In addition to my meet-cute, I’m also writing a YA Fantasy novel.

Convo with my main: ❤️

Me: Hey C!

C: Sup’ B. He says sitting in a dimly lit cave back against the damp rocky wall. He’s bouncing a blue rubber ball off a stalagmite and catching it.

B: I guess I’ve been a little distracted with my Rom-Com. You bored C?

C: shrugs and replies — at least nothing is chasing or trying to eat me right now.

C: points to the gigantic enclosure containing a Kraken who is playing with a ship that has lost its way after falling victim to the lure of the sirens. “That should keep him busy for a while.”

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